Use Automatic Lead Tools To Generate Leads

Automatic Lead Tools System

I came across Automatic Lead Tools Over on a site called It really seems like it could be a great way to generate unlimited leads for any business. It could also be used to contact companies about sponsorship for your favorite cause or charity.

It has several built in marketing tools that could help anyone find the most receptive prospects.

  1. They Have Several built in scrapers. These scrapers can find whatever type of prospect you are looking for. You simply type in the key target, like say you wanted to target dentists. Type in dentist into their search engines and it will pull names, addresses, even phone numbers into a downloadable sheet for you to start marketing to.
  2. They Have a broadcaster that will even call those leads with a short recorded message to weed out the uninterested.
  3. But the question now is where do you send your new found interested prospect to get more information? Well AutomaticLeadTools also has a capture page and funnel generator built in so that you can send your prospects to a capture page and CAPTURE their info then lead them right toa sales page or sales video.
  4. Another part of the Marketing Tools process requires them to see or hear a presentation. Nestled inside this amazing software is a webinar software. That’s right webinars on demand or even Live if you like.

One of the founders, Stefan Dessalines, actually demonstrates on one of his own webinars…

…. the actual webinar on demand software, and just thereby proves the validity and value of the product.

My suggestion is that if you have any desire whatsoever to earn significant income and simultaneously generate unlimited leads for your opportunity or business, product, or service Click Here And Go Check It Out

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